Padel Shots


Padel is a racquet sport that is played on a court similar to tennis. It shares many aspects with tennis, including the use of a racquet and balls. However, there are some distinct differences between padel and tennis that make it unique from other racquet sports like squash or badminton. 

One such difference is the variety of shots in padel compared to other racquets sports. In this article we will look at all the different types of shots you can use when playing padel.

Padel High Shots

High shots are hit with a lot of topspin, which makes the ball bounce higher and land farther away from you. They’re used to hit the ball over the net, but they can also be used to hit it across court. High shots are especially useful in doubles matches because they allow players who are short on time or energy to get more points by hitting high, deep balls (instead of running around).


Padel Low Shots

A low shot is a padel shot that is hit with the racket below the waist and with a downward motion. The ball is hit with topspin, which means that it bounces higher than normal when it meets the ground. Low shots are used to keep control over your opponent’s shots when they are near you or trying to attack you from behind.
This type of shot can be difficult to master because it requires good footwork in order not only to reach down into position but then also get up quickly enough after hitting the ball so as not to lose your balance and fall over!

Padel Dropshots

Dropshots are one of the most common shots in padel. They are played when you hit the ball with your racket head below waist level, and they’re usually done with a quick wrist action. The ball is hit with topspin and it goes down towards the ground, which makes it difficult for your opponent to return.
To execute a dropshot, start by hitting slightly behind your body (not straight ahead). Then use either your forehand or backhand depending on which side of your body is closer to where you want to hit the ball.

Padel Lob Shots

A lob shot is a type of padel shot that involves hitting the ball while it is still in the air. A player can do this by hitting it high into the air, which allows them to get more distance on their shots and hit harder than usual.
This type of shot is best used when you have an open court behind your opponent, allowing you to take advantage of their poor positioning before they can react. Lobbing also makes it harder for your opponent to return because they won’t be able to see where your ball will land until after it hits them!

Padel Dump Shots

A dump shot is a type of padel shot that is similar to a topspin shot, but it has more topspin on it. The ball will stay low and bounce high. It’s used to pass an opponent who is defending the net.
A dump shot can be used as an offensive or defensive move depending on where you hit it from: if you’re inside your own court and want to pass an opponent who’s standing at the net, then a dump will keep them busy by forcing them back into their own half; if you’re outside your own court and want to keep possession of the ball in order not lose control over it, then using this type of stroke will allow for greater accuracy when aiming towards where your teammates are positioned (i.e., behind).

Padel Dump Shots

You may be familiar with topspin and backspin, but if not, here’s the difference: Topspin shots are hit with the racquet below the ball. This causes the ball to rise in flight and fall slowly due to gravity when it lands on your opponent’s court. Backspin shots are hit with the racquet above the ball, which causes it to fall quickly into their court after hitting their side wall or floor first.
Backhand topspin is similar to forehand topspin except that you hit it from behind instead of facing forward like when you’re hitting forehands. The same goes for hitting backhand backspin–you just turn around so that your dominant arm is no longer on top of your body (and thus becomes dominant).

Learn about all the types of padel shots, including dropshot and lob shot.
• Lob shot: The lob shot is a powerful shot that can be used to get the ball over your opponent’s head. It’s similar to a drop shot, but instead of hitting the ball just below net level, you hit it high into the air above their reach so they can’t return it effectively.
• Dropshot: A dropshot is an effective way to keep your opponent from getting to any balls that are near their end of court. It involves hitting short shots that land just before or after your opponent’s feet and bounce away from them so they can’t reach them easily.
• Topspin/backspin shots: Topspin and backspin serve two different purposes when playing padel–topspin serves as an offensive weapon while backspin serves defensive purposes such as keeping opponents from returning quick low balls or forcing them into making errors due to misjudging trajectory. To learn more about these types of shots and how they work together within your game plan for victory against other competitors at tournaments across Benalmádena today!


So, if you want to become a better padel player and increase your chances of winning matches, then it’s important that you learn about all the different types of shots. The best way for this is through practice with friends or by watching videos online where professionals explain how they execute each shot type in detail.